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This is Angel Purrs Sales Contract:

1. Cat/kitten will have sanitary living environment and will not be allowed to roam outdoor's.

2. Any cat/kitten purchased as a pet quality will be neuter/spay as soon as cat/kitten reaches the age of 6 to 8 months of age or within 30 days in the case of a retired breeder. Angel Purrs will hold all registration papers on retired breeders sold as pets until neuter/spay agreement has been done by a licensed Veterinarian and a certificate of neutering or spaying is copied and sent to Angel Purrs.

3. Purchaser has 72 hours to have their licensed Veterinarian examine the cat/kitten to verify cat/kitten's health. If cat/kitten is not found healthy purchaser has 72 hours to return cat/kitten to Angel Purrs for replacement or refund of purchase price. Documentation from licensed Veterinarian must accompany cat/kitten on return describing cat/kitten's health.

4. The return of any cat/kitten is the sole responsiblity, including any shipping cost, of the purchaser.

5. Any kitten purchased as a pet quality has not been PKD tested. Any testing for PKD will be the purchaser's sole responsibility. We make no warranty against PKD not enough is known about this disease for us to be able to warranty any cat/kitten against PKD.

6. All show quality cats/kittens will not be declawed.

7. Angel Purrs also agrees to refund any deposits made on cat/kitten that may happen to die while in the care of Angel Purrs before cat/kitten is delivered to the purchaser.

8. All shipping cost for cat/kitten is the sole responsibility of purchaser.

9. Any Cat/Kitten sold with breeding rights means you have the right to breed said cat/kitten & have full ownership of offspring produced. We make no warranty on the breeding of said cat/kitten.

10. Angel Purrs agrees to provide a cat/kitten healthy and free from parasites.

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