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Bruse Willis Image
film STATS:

Real Name:
Nickname (Bruno)

Birth Place:
Grow up mainly in Penns Grove, NJ.

Contact Address:

film Married on Nov. 21 1997 and separeted on June 24 1998

Bruce Willis is really heroic and handsome.
The man everybody dreams of haveing in there lives.
Bruce grow up in Penns Grove, NJ. He graduated from Highschool before going to New york and wated tables and tended bar where he was found by a casting director who need a bartender for a small movie he was directing. He really liked Bruce's personality and cast him in the role.
Bruce and Demi were married in november 21 1987 and were separeted on June 24th on 1998.
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film More Stuff About (Bruno) Bruce Willis

Breakfast of Champions is a new movie that Bruce is working on. He says it is a funny movie about actors, but deals with big issues about how messed up we are in this Country.
Bruce says he seeks out roles that people would not expect him to play in, because he has got bord with the action movies and wants a change.
He also says he needs to challenge himself in his acting career.
Bruce is a man how worries about his children and loves spending time with them.

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